Tony Hills on The Roselyn Omaka Show

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The Roselyn Omaka Show is excited to bring our next guest, NFL Super Bowl Champion Tony Hills, to speak on his experience when it comes to finances. He consults every day working class families, corporations and helps them strategize with their finances. He has spent over 15 years in Corporate America helping drive strategic plans for early stage companies as well as Fortune 500 companies. During his career, he and his teammates made mistakes when it came to finances and what he wants to share with the audience is the importance of financial solutions that can save your family in this tough time of world events. Tony’s mission is to teach people how to become millionaires and help them build wealth. He specializes in helping families with all of their financial needs. He has a unique approach when it comes to his clients by helping them understand the importance of building their own personal brand that drives income from multiple sources.



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