Letter from Roselyn Omaka

Believe in yourself and you can do unbelievable things. Step Forward the Path will unfold!!!

As I reflect over 2020 such a crazy year, we experienced Pandemics, Civil unrest, Social injustices, Political tyranny…just to name a few travesties. The world face so much loss and heartache.. The glimmer of interesting events this year was minimal. 

With everything that I saw and experienced caused a stirring in my soul..  The final spark for me was when I watched the horrific video of Mr. George Floyd being killed by the very people that are commissioned to help us.. 

So many emotions stirred inside of me on that day ( I was hurt, angry, scared, confused and perplexed) I knew that I had to do SOMETHING!!! 

I knew that I needed to make an impact that would be long lasting and sustainable. 

People of Color especially Black People experience so much hatred, racism, and non inclusion in the pursuit of the American Dream. Black People and People of color are suppose to be part of  “United” States of America but individuals and group ensure that is not the case. 

More times than not, I’m deep in my own thoughts; I am constantly thinking of possible solutions that can help elevate Black People where they do not have to wait for the government or any  particular group of people to come and “save” us. My Solutions are geared toward change, self sustaining and generational. We can truly be the change we want to see in ourselves.

I want to help recreate and take part in the newest version of Black Wall Street. Something that can’t be burnt down or taken from us. Similar to other ethnic groups, where they support each other’s businesses, I want create an ecosystem. 

The ecosystem will cover economic empowerment, educational and global community. The ecosystem will have strategic partnerships, funding sources for reinvest into underserved communities, development of  Local community centers as the nucleus of each community.. We will ensure that our people will be able to see, touch and feel where the money is being put into their communities. will be built for people of color where they can see touch and feel where the money is being used. Most  times, money is disbursed into these communities and yet the people who were supposed to receive the support  still do not have access to it. We will change that with our ecosystem.. We must actively and continuously support our own. Now…

It is our time! Our community has endured so much from this country that we helped  build it’s.. now time to build, elevate and promote “us.”

These community centers will be a safe space for the young and young at heart to come learn and grow. Although there is nothing wrong with sports, I want young children to see that they can be more in the stereotype that media portrays us to be. I want them to see  and be empowered that they can be the next Kamala Harris, Obama, Colin Powell, and more. 

Those generational curses and cycles will be broken. It won’t happen overnight, however, when we act daily when we take actionable steps, change will come.  Being a Nigerian American, I wanted a name that had meaning and was of substance so I founded the organization Bolanle which means “finds wealth at home.” Through Bolanle, we can have our own database and system of resources for our people in the areas or healthcare, real estate, technology, environment, technology and entertainment. Our focus is on entrepreneurship and those movers and shakers who are looking to make an impact in society; something bigger than themselves. At Bolanle, welcome innovation, creativity, and excellence. Come join us.

Roselyn Omaka

Founder of Bolanle.org

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